I am a copyeditor and I’m Worried for my artwork. When I started out in this business, I was filled with excitement. I didn’t think it would be simple, just, but I could see so much potential for work. Today, more than ever before in history, everyone is a writer. No longer do you want to go through the process of finding a publisher that will approve your job  just begin a website, a site or a Twitter accounts and instantly your writing is out there in the public domain. I am an unashamed optimist, and how I looked at the situation was this now that everybody is a writer, everyone is a potential customer. Not only that, but authors come from all walks of life, with varying degrees of education. That is not to say that their thoughts are not legitimate but it does imply that they might be less likely to be aware of the nuances of the English language spelling, grammar, syntax, style, consistency. More than ever, I thought, my abilities are going to be in demand.

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My mistake believed that copyediting was something people cared about. Rather than seeing more demand for copyeditors, we appear to be going the other way. There are now numerous writers and so many books out there that the expected standard has gone down. Writers don’t believe they want an editor, as it is irrelevant if there are a number of mistakes. It happens to everybody.

Another way to look at it is That with such a low standard today, how surprising, how refreshing, how confidence inspiring, to find a bit of writing that is in fact easy to read. A piece of writing that leaves you without a doubt regarding the writer’s intention, which gives you all of the relevant data in an order which makes sense. A piece of writing that you only require read once, since there aren’t any mistakes or awkward paragraphs to stumble through. So many companies are in a Competitive climate at this time. Their profits are restricted, and they view how to get a copyright for a book. What they do not realize is that their gains are restricted since they view copy-editing as an unnecessary expense. When a company is trying to compete, it should set itself apart from its rivals.